Well it's been an interesting week for me, I worked on Monday and then drove up to Anchorage that nite after work. The Mountain (MT. Redoubt has been steaming all day) Looks so far away when going around the Turnagain Arm to Anchorage. My DH had a appointment early with the Dentist on Tuesday......no fun for him! But Fun for me I got to go shopping. (My youngest son turns 23 on Saturday, so hence some needed shopping) I got a new Cricut cartridge "Animal Kingdom'' to play with from Michaels Craft Store. I had a consult with my surgeon on Tuesday at the Native Medical Center and they decided not to do surgery on Wednesday and instead scheduled a CT Scan for the following day, It was a experience that I'd never done........so I'm still waiting on the results. We drove home on Thursday, it had cooled off a bit, weather wise and I will be back to work on Friday driving school and will wait for a call about the scan for results.?????


  1. whohoo ~ can't beat a shopping trip! love that cat!
    happy b-day to your son chickie and thankx for visiting my blog ~ hugz

  2. I love the cat too....and shopping especially for stamping stuff is my fav....I hope you don't have to have surgery and all is well.... today is my granddaughters birthday....dinner tonight...she is 12 going on 40....have a great day

  3. Hi, I'm a new member of SB28. I'm reading this about your CT scan and surgery...are you okay? You're in my prayers. Have a wonderful weekend.


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