Hello everyone it's turned out to be an awesome day in Alaska with the sun shining with all it's heart!
Not much happening with our Volcano Mt.Redoubt.....the website said that they sent out Two AVO field crews are out at Redoubt today, measuring gas emissions near the summit, making dome observations, and collecting GPS data.
Camera is co-located with seismic station DFR, approximately 7.6 miles (12.2 km) NE of Redoubt.
I wanted to thank Ellie Jacobson from Ellie's Stamp Garden for the goodies that I got in the mail today, she had a search and find game on her website and I found her Angel that she posted..........here's what she sent!


  1. Ellie is a friend of mine! We'd lost touch, but found each other again and also found out that she's had a life change and has moved to about 40 minutes from me! She IS a sweetie :)

    MaidenRubber/Kay Carlson


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