Well I had to take my tower in to the shop, it had been acting up and was kind of sick so she's in the puter hospital............hence no pictures of cards, oh but wait I haven't been doing any cards lately because I've been working! At least I have my laptop! Otherwise I'd be having DT'S!!! Last week we had a power outage for 11 hours without electric............heavy wet snow caused a downed tree on a power line. Oh what fun my day was, we do heat with wood so I was warm and my kitchen stove is propane/electric so I fixed a big pot of Spaghetti. Tonite we are advise that a snow blizzard is coming our way. (supposed to be 4-6 inches of the white stuff) Hope your all getting your last minute Christmas shopping done, I have a few more to get out of the way. "Happy Stampin Ya'll"

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  1. hi'ya chickie!
    whoa...sounds like you've been havin lots goin
    on! hope ya get your comp fixed soon..and you get to posting your cards again...i miss seeing your creations!

    hope you had a wonderful christmas...and may the new year bring you lots of love and laughter...i'm looking forward to another happy scrappy bloggin year with ya



Thanks for your wonderful comments as I love hearing from you! Shell♥

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