Dang Pesky Bears!

LOL I just love these Judith stamps that I got the other day at the LSS (sadly it's closing the end of this month) I dry brushed the bear & trash can, then started layering some scene stamps. Thanks goodness I have not had the problems with bears in my area, but they are a nuisance at times getting in to trash cans or getting the seeds in a bird feeder.


Wendy said...

What a fun card! This totally reminds me of both the bears in the garbage dump and the raccoons digging in the garbage cans at our cabin when I was little. Thanks for the chuckle.

Have a great day!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Very fun card!

Cindy said...

cute card Shell, the bear is really cute.
Thanks for sharing
SBS 28 / 26

Barb said...

This one is too darling.

Traci said...

Cute card! Love that bear image and the background stamping you did!
SBS 26

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