Homemade Textured Plate

This was shown on You tube and was also a challenge on one of my Yahoo Groups, so of course I had to give it a try........I cut mine out with the Cricut. (Mounted on cardstock & chip board backing) You could use a punch also to make this!

Now just run this thru your Cuttle bug......sandwich as follows

1. A plate, 2. mat, 3. cardstock, 4. emboss template, 5. mat, 6. shims, (I used a thin piece of chip board) 7. B plate

This is the embossed texture on cardstock highlighted with SU ink My card with the embossed cardstock.......I love how it turned out, gonna have to experiment with more cut out images
I did a different take on the dragon card also using the embossed textured images, tho I highlighted them using the bandanna technique on domino cardstock tiles.
Until till next we meet for some more Art to share!

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  1. awesome cards shell ~ that lil duckie..is so cute ~ and kewl background! love that dino, too..what a scrumptious color scheme ~ awesome work!


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