Flower Pot with Insert

I've been playing with this idea to do for a Workshop that I have coming up really soon and will twik the colors of card stock to fit for the new Stampin' Up catalog that just came out the first of July. I've looked and looked at this card and actually thought it was rather difficult to do but taking more time to see how the dimensions were cut it's really easy! Now to let you know what' going on in my world lately............

I got home this morning at 2:30am ……….slept until 10:00am, was taking Tourist back to Anchorage for a flight out.

Traffic was so bad took me ½ hour to go 5 miles in bumper to bumper snail trailing traffic all going back to Anchorage after the long Holiday weekend.

We didn’t get to stop at the Conservation Center for Wildlife (traffic again) ended up being ½ hour late to the Airport, yes they did barely make their flight!

I took a girlfriend with me on this trip (she’d never been on a Tour Bus) so it was an experience for her………we went to Apple Bee’s for dinner.

1. Got there at 9:00pm

2. we must have had 5 different waitress’s

3. ½ hour later order came wrong for me

4. ended up taking ½ the order home because of the late hour

5. Was kind of upset until manager came over to say “I hear you had problems with your order”………….long story short …….OUR DINNER WAS FREE

Did a quick run thru Wal-mart for a few things and hit the road for home!

The sunset was so gorgeous………….with orange, red’s and pink’s wish I would have had a camera! Actually saw folks hang out side of vehicles taking pictures of it.

I have to tell you it’s not all fun as I have a log book to keep for my times & places that I drive besides the clean up of the bus after wards, so folks are just plain out right pigs……….and you think that you’d hate to see their home! And others are just really nice and clean you really appreciate them a lot!

I finally turned off my light after reading a few pages in my book at 3:00am.......usually I read for hour or so but I was just plain pooped!

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  1. Wow, I feel exhausted just reading this, let alone doing. I've done 3 coach trips to the USA and I defo fit in with the clean and tidy group, perhaps it was because the driver gave us all a big plastic bag! Great cards, love your trips. Thanks for your comments on flip flop - when I get my printer sorted, you can have a copy. ikki


Thanks for your wonderful comments as I love hearing from you! Shell♥

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