Raspberry Jam!

I got a wild hair and went to a friends house and picked raspberries yesterday, well I couldn't let them go to waste and I love my raspberry jam! So this is what I did with them today. It's been so long since I've canned anything ............not for wanting to it's just to darn expensive, our electric is so high for 930 kilwatts my bill was 179.99 with all the added charges of customer rates, regulatory cost and borough taxes. So this was a specialty for me to preserve some raspberry jam!!! ........................................Yeah Donna I know I owe you a jar for all the berries I picked! LOL


  1. Your jam sure brings back memories. Me and 4 kids to feed and lots of time spent in the kitchen canning every thing my kids would eat. Boy, am I glad my time with that chore is over. Your jam is beautiful too.

  2. Oh yum, I love raspberry jam too, my fav actually. Anyway as for the ornaments on my cards they are made with new stamp set from SU and the new punch that goes with the set. The set is called Delightful Decorations.

  3. hmm, yummy, I love rasberry jam!
    Hugs from germany

  4. OMG my mouth is watering.... I could just taste it with a hot biscuit and butter..... yummmmmmm


  5. Hmmm, that jam looks delicious! Enjoy your special treat :)


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