On Vacation to States

Well it's an over due vacation.........We flew into Seattle from Anchorage Alaska, and spent 4 days running around shopping & visiting my oldest son who lives in Burien & works for Boeing as a Security Manager. Then we headed to the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington to DH's parents that are getting on in their years, My oldest traveled on his Triumph motorcycle with us to the Tri-Cities then my youngest showed up the same day coming from Colorado..............it was a nice reunion. Both boys took off the next day on their Triumphs to Seattle. DH got some needed jobs done for his parents (as in rewiring of the garage, replaceing thresholds for doors and other little things) Mother-in-law was recovering from a broken ankle. I was able to bike every day since they live rather close to the Columbia River and they had bike paths & lots of parks. We did go to a few antique shops to browse, but didn't find anything. Talked my MIL into going to a Craft Warehouse, I found some more Ranger Distressed Inks that I didn't have and some more cute Penney Black clear stamps. We are now in Portland, Oregon and the Rose Festival is going on............so we will play it out on what to do? I wanted to go to Peddler Pack Stamps but it's Saturday nite. Until later...............

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