Redoubt erupts again

Mount Redoubt has erupted multiple times this morning, most recently at 9:24 a.m. with a plume rising to 65,000 feet. An ashfall advisory, issued by the National Weather Service, is in effect for the western Kenai Peninsula, including Kenai, Soldotna, Homer and Cooper Landing. Discrete earthquakes continue to dominate the seismic signal at Redoubt. The hut webcam shows vigorous steaming from the summit crater. There have been no other large explosions since this morning's large eruption at 9:24AM. Minor ashfall, trace amounts to 1/8 inch of ash, from Ninilchik southward to the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, including Homer and communities along Kachemak Bay. Trace amounts of ash are also possible for areas north of Ninilchik. We did get a trace amount of ash tonite when I went and started my truck to come home from work, it was a light dusting on the truck. Will keep you updated on what's going on. I'm on my Laptop, puter is not working may have to replace my hard-drive? Taking it in tomorrow.


Iberostar said...

Wow - I wondered about you with that volcano erupting! I hope it quiets down soon. How far away are you? I need to get out a map - I don't know Alaska very well. Geography was not a strong point for me in school - I tended to like Art class!! Let us know how you are!

Cindy said...

Wow to be that close to the volcanos must be scarey sometimes. I hope all works out for you all up there.

Ellie Jacobson said...

Keep us updated on how you are doing!

Wendy said...

Oh shoot....thought it was all going to miss you! Hope things are okay and also that you get your computer back to working order....that's got to be frustrating! I will echo everyones' sentiments by asking that you keep letting us know how you are!

Have a great day!

melody said...

wow ~ what a amazing photos ~ but, so scary, too! thinking of you ~ stay safe chickie


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