Redoubt's at it again!

The past week the Volcano had been pretty quite until today......
Another significant explosive event occurred at Redoubt Volcano at approximately 5:58 am AKDT (13:58 UTC). At this time, the cloud height is estimated to be 50,000 feet based on National Weather Service radar. The cloud is drifting to the southeast of the volcano. We went to town and could see the Ash cloud in the sky........pretty amazing!
On these seismograms you may see a variety of signals. Examples of signals seen on the webcorders are local earthquakes, volcanic tremor at Alaska's volcanoes, and earthquakes elsewhere in the world. Almost any earthquake in the world having a magnitude greater than 5.5 will be seen on these webicorders.
Showing on the webicorders it looks like 5:30 pm tonite it was really shaking!

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  1. Wow! And we thought it would "rest" for awhile. Maybe Pierce Brosnan (Dante's Peak) will come to town to save the day. p.s. he can save my day - any day!


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