Cold Weather

Just to let you know we never got above 10 degree's today and right now at the hour of 10:30pm it's a balmy -20 degree's outside in Soldotna, Alaska.........LOL
We ended up putting more plastic on the windows today and have been keeping the upstairs as well as the downstairs woodstoves going.
My Desi puppy is getting pretty good at pulling the sled helping us get the wood in for the fires........she actually loves to go out and play, pulling on the ropes on the sled getting it down the hill from the wood shed.
Guess we will be putting on an extra blanket on the bed tonite & snuggling up to stay warm!
This was taken on Christmas Day looking out to the pond.........we got over a foot of snow and I went out with Desi and shoveled snow 3 times that day!

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