Brooding Bertryse

Bertyse is brooding over several different things.......oh my!   
She'd like to wait for her knight in shining armor.  But her father has promised her to marry the Prince in the Highlands that has asked for her hand in marriage!  
She says: How I wish that I could just disappear at times as I don't even know this Prince from the Highlands, how could my Father do this to me!!

So poor Bertryse is still brooding and dreaming her dream that is a wish her heart would like to make.

Third Coast Rubber Stamps that were used in making this card 
Bertryse Broods~FT-186-H
Large Birch Trunks~CM- 055-P
Partial Brick Wall~CH-715-I
Stone Bench Side View ~CH- 477-F

You can find all these rubber stamps and more here

Lastly I'd like to take a few minutes to say "Thank You" to all the Veterans that have ever served in the in the United States we are honoring our Veterans today!

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melody said...

what a beautiful card and so beautiufully colored! wow!

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