All About Boys~ Southern Girls Challenge

 Are you ready for a really fun challenge, well over at Southern Girls it's all about the boys.......and the sponsor that I had the pleasure to use an image is from  Little Claire Designs

I thought I'd try a little different twist using that standard nursery rhyme of:
What are Little boys are made..........well there seems to be a few versions of the nursery rhyme
  1.  snakes & snails
  2.  snips & snails
  3.  frogs & snails 
  4. snaps & snails
  5. slugs & snails

In the first Mother Goose printed in 1916, the idiom was "Snaps and snails, and puppy click tails. In the UK, more usually "Slugs and snails, and puppy dogs tails. Other popular variations admit "Snakes and snails" and "Frogs and snails.

Image is from Little Claire's and you can find it here

And that's what little boys are made of!

Thanks so much for stopping by,  I love sharing my creations for inspirations!

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  1. Such a cute card Shell. Puts a smile you my face.

    Kasey ~ in Oz


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