Knitted Trinity Wrap

Is finally finished, it took me well over 3 weeks to get it done, working on it mostly on weekends. The final size of the wrap is 65 x 12 inches (stretched out it's over 18 inches wide)across and knitted on a size 11 Bamboo circular needles This is a close up picture of the wool yarn (from Italy) I added a eyelash ribbon (from France) that's why you see all the little hairs sticking out...... it's from a speciality shop "Birch Tree Gallery" here in Soldotna, Alaska I had fun trying my hand at knitting something different this time, oh by the way if your interested I found the free pattern on Lyon Brand Yarn...... Thanks for having a look see, I know it's been a while that I posted that's what I get for working long hours these days. Keep crafting and your creative juices flowing!

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