Special News......My house was rockin' with excitement!

I am pleased to announce our Summer 2011 Design Team!  Congratulations, you made it!  We'll get started very soon.  Please stay tuned.  You can now tell anyone you want!

You fabulous stampers have bravely volunteered to be a part of the inaugural group.  I had over 60 applications, and it was just too hard to decide, so I added five more positions than I had originally intended.  Several other applicants will be offered a spot at being a Guest Designer for a month.  I appreciate all of the interest in Third Coast and our stamps.  Truly! 

Your fellow team members are:

Anesha Marshall - Cambridgeshire, England
Donna Cook - Missouri, USA
Karen McAlpine - Michigan, USA
Kathi Rerek - New Jersey, USA
Leigh Snaith-Brunton - California, USA
Lynda Brough - Suffolk, England
Michelle Burress - Florida, USA
Milo Lilja - Trollhättan, Sweden
Riane Kuzee - The Netherlands
Riet van Zundert - The Netherlands
Roni Johnson - Indiana, USA
Sandra Levy - Paris, France
Shell Becker - Alaska, USA
Susan Shuler - Michigan, USA
Valerie H. Wilson - Nova Scotia, Canada

Check out our new blog!:

Third Coast Rubber Stamps

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  1. Congratulations!!!! It's always a thrill to be chosen! Hugs!


Thanks for your wonderful comments as I love hearing from you! Shell♥

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