Molded Flower Scrap Card

I actually went down to the craft room today & turned on the heater to warm it up a bit so I could play
Well the card I did is all from scrap papers that I have stashed in my drawers, the flower is one I did a few years ago with a friend when we where making homemade paper (poured from paper pulp) guess I can really say that I'm recycling too because we took scrap paper and shredded it an made our pulp to get the flower the homemade way ....LOL  The piece behind the flower is from one of my Lace’ stencils that you cut out and fold.  I forgot how fun they were to cut these out and fold. Alrighty I'm gonna chill for a while it's time to get more Vitamin C down as my sinuses are running a muck lately with a few sneezing intervals

Thanks for dropping by!


Queenie Jeannie said...

That's a stunning and gorgeous card! BRAVO!!!! I don't have any of those stencils, but they're on my wish list, lol!

Barb said...

Loving that flower, absolutely beautiful, the card too.

I did that too with the paper making, fun while it lasted but not enough time to do everything :>)

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